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How It Works

Our team of highly vetted, certified, professional trainers bring General Training, Yoga and Pilates directly to you – where you want, when you want. TroupeFit saves you time and delivers a premium experience with each workout. FIT YOURSELF IN!


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Space & Equipment.

Don't worry, any size space works for a TF workout. Our trainers come prepared with all equipment needed for a complete 45 minute session.

Be Ready.

We ask that you be ready for your workout prior to your trainer’s arrival.

Have Fun!

Our Trainers

Our expectations are high, just like yours. All TroupeFit trainers are certified from nationally accredited organizations and go through a rigorous 4-step interview process where we meet and train with each of them. With less than 10% making the cut, TroupeFit delivers the highest quality in fitness professionals.

We offer pre and postnatal workouts for all the mamas out there!

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Our Workouts

TroupeFit makes personal training accessible. Our trainers guide you through an individualized variety of different workout disciplines and provide all the equipment you need for your session. You have the choice of General Training, Yoga, or Pilates each time you book a workout. Each session is designed to strengthen and tone your body in just 45 minutes! We focus on using your body as the machine that drives the movements, the intensity, and the workout.

  • General Training
    TroupeFIIT is a one of a kind general training workout. It is divided in to intervals of functional movements, and strength training complexes all completed in conjunction with cardiovascular work. Each workout is designed for maximum energy, function, and calorie burn. The science behind our Function Intensity Interval Training system combines everyday movements with timed intervals to guarantee results, inside or outside of a gym.
  • Yoga
    Take the benefits of a general yoga class, and add in the personalization of an individual coach - that is what you experience in our 45 minute Yoga model. Our Yoga classes are customized to our clients, and combine the most effective methods from various types of Yoga practice such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga. Think of this as combination Yoga - the best aspects of all practices coming together, with one on one attention designed to ensure perfect postures and movement.
  • Mat Pilates
    TroupeFit Mat Pilates puts the focus on your core, lengthening and toning. Each movement during your session will have a direct relationship between your body and your core giving you a strong foundation for movement. Combination moves combined with core exercises will be utilized during your 45 minute session to target the lengthening mechanism of all desired muscles.


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Cancellation Policy

There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your appointment prior to the calendar date of the appointment.

A cancellation fee of 50% of the cost will be charged to you if you cancel your request for your appointment prior to four hours before the time set for the appointment on the day of the appointment.

A cancellation fee of the full amount will be charged if you cancel less than four hours before the time set for the appointment.

Currently operating in New York City.

Contact us at: [email protected]
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